Some things in life are free: Learn economics from one of the best

This summer Stanford will be offering an open online version of John Taylor’s on-campus course Principles of Economics.  Professor is considered one of the most influential economists today and is likely in line for a Nobel prize.

People can find out more and register for the course, Economics 1, on Stanford’s free open on-line platform. The course starts on Monday (June 22). The  first week’s lecture and study materials are now posted.

Basic economics

The course covers all of economics at a basic level. It stresses the key idea that economics is about making purposeful choice with limited resources and about people interacting with other people as they make these choices. Most of those interactions occur in markets, and this course is mainly about markets, including the market for bikes on campus, or labor markets, or capital markets.  The course will show why free competitive markets work well to improve people’s lives and how they have removed millions from people from poverty around the world, with many more, we hope, still to come.

For more information, visit John Taylor’s blog.