MTV learns a Millennial lesson: Parents are OK

A recent Econ Minute Podcast featured a clip from Matt Edlen‘s presentation at the Portland State Center for Real Estate Annual Conference.

One of the more mind blowing revelations (at 9:13 in the podcast) was that the GenY / Millennial generation shares many of the same values as their parents and they and their parents actually like each other. So much so, that many make an effort to live close to their parents.

A weekend feature on Vox re-enforces this point:

A distinctive characteristic of the millennial generation is that we’re closer with our parents. The president of MTV announced in 2013 that the network is overhauling its content because young people today are “not rebelling against their parents at all. They’re moving in with them. They don’t want to leave.” A therapist wrote in The Atlantic a few years ago that she keeps seeing clients who call their parents their best friends.

Too bad no one cares about GenXers anymore …

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